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Over 30 years’ experience

In 2005, holding company Grupo Herce successfully finished its first international project: the construction of an apartment building in New York. Consisting of 17 floors occupied by luxury apartments, the building is set in a privileged location in the heart of Manhattan, and is only a few steps away from Fifth Avenue. The success of this project led to the company’s internationalisation process towards expansion into new territories, mainly in South America and Eastern Europe.


After analysing the market in Romania and discovering its great potential, the company chose the city of Cluj-Napoca to start operations and banked on a sustainable project by creating the company Vires Construct. This new construction company was set up with the aim of developing their activities in the country on a permanent basis. The staff is mostly Romanian, as is the company’s management. As such, Vires Construct is an established company in Romania capable of carrying out all types of construction projects. The company also has a great competitive edge, due to the fact that it boasts over ten years’ experience as part of the Spanish holding company Grupo Herce.

We build homes

We draw our competence from the construction of over 6,000 homes (299 already completed in Cluj-Napoca).

We have built all kinds of homes, from high-rise dwellings to chalets and detached houses to terraced houses, offering all possible variables (luxury homes, median-priced housing, council housing, etc.).

Having worked in a wide range of territories and in very diverse climates, heat insulation has become one of our specialities when it comes to building homes.

Industrial construction

Factories, sewage-treatment plants, parking facilities, industrial estates, shopping centres, sports centres, football stadiums, hotels and social-health centres are just some of the projects we have come to carry out, for private clients and public bodies alike.

Rehabilitation of historical heritage

Certain buildings are an essential part of the architectural heritage of a city and, in most cases, their conservation can present a challenge. Under the supervision of our technical experts, rehabilitation processes have made it possible to preserve some of the most characteristic buildings in the historic centre of many towns.