Our Servicies

Consultancy and project design

We have an extensive team of technicians on hand who are more than happy to provide advice regarding any aspect of a construction project, either before or during its carrying out: These aspects may concern architecture, legal matters, energy issues, suitability of materials, improvements in budget performance, etc.

We can also design customer-tailored projects from scratch, having due regard to all the required regulations in force (safety, urban development plans, the environment, etc.). We have long-standing experience in construction work, and so we are also able to develop projects for bidding.

construcción parking

Comprehensive construction

We cover all stages of a given construction: starting from the project drafting (if necessary), right through to its final completion, and always within set deadlines.

As regards works that require industrial machinery, we will make sure to choose the best equipment and also handle installation and setup thanks to our team of engineers specialised in this area. This asset has allowed us to build sewage-treatment plants, slaughterhouses, assembly-line factories, spas, health care centres and sports facilities, among others.

Facilities Maintenance and Management

The correct use and proper maintenance of facilities considerably extend service life and bring significant economic savings. A construction company will understand the proper functioning of machinery better than anyone else will.

We now successfully manage 1100 parking spaces distributed in two underground car parks and we handle the maintenance of a large number of our completed buildings.