R & D

New materials

One of our identifying traits is the improvement of insulation in our constructions, in addition to the use of new fibres in the foundations and research into new materials capable of increasing the durability of our buildings. The use of these materials helps to cut maintenance costs in the long run and also offers the added bonus of ensuring safety in construction works that are carried out in specific scenarios, for example during seismic disturbances.

Evolution in our work methodology

Our technical experts’ main aim is to improve the deadlines set for every project. That is why we have developed our own system that allows for every department to be in ongoing training. This work methodology has enabled us, for instance, to specialise in areas as complex as water treatment and purification.

The Environment

The group of companies to which Vires Construct belongs collaborates with renewable energy companies and is committed to incorporating these developments into their own projects. For many years now, biomass boilers, solar panels and low-emission buildings have in fact been a reality within our projects.

New technologies

We have built smart homes in which we are able to exploit every opportunity domotic technologies can offer and our aim is to build spaces, both industrially and on the residential level, where technology can completely banish any kind of limitations people with disabilities may face.